What is an estuary?

What is so special about the estuary?

What are the obvious characteristic features of an estuary?

How many rivers are there in India?

How many estuaries are there in India?

Provide the names of the well-studied estuaries in east and west coasts of India.

Which is the largest estuary in India?

Which is the largest estuary in the world?

What are the uses of an estuary?

Name the few common estuarine fishes, crabs and birds.

What is the present status of the estuaries?

What are the threats the estuary faces?

What will happen to us if we continue to let the estuaries suffer?

Is there anything that we can do to save the estuaries, us too?

What is the role of our ENVIS Centre in conserving these natural water bodies?


(Courtesy – scientific facts: Prof. Dr. S. Ajmal Khan, CAS in Marine Biology, Annamalai University.)