Coastal lagoon


What is a ‘coastal lagoon’?

Do we have coastal lagoons in our country?

How many coastal lagoons are there in our country and what are they?

Which is the largest coastal lagoon in India?

Which is the largest coastal lagoon in the world?

Is there any country without lagoons?

Why do we like lagoons?

What are all the characteristic features of lagoons?

Are lagoons connected with the rivers like estuaries?

What is the difference between estuary and lagoon?

What are all the uses of coastal lagoons?

What is ‘Ramsar Convention’?

What are Ramsar sites?

What are all the lagoons of our country listed under Ramsar Convention?

What is the present status of our coastal lagoons?

What is the role of our ENVIS Centre in conserving these natural water bodies?

(Courtesy – scientific facts: Prof. Dr. S. Ajmal Khan, CAS in Marine Biology, Annamalai University.)